Woman With One Arm Excited After Giving Birth To A Baby Boy.



Maryanne Michael An Instagram Entertainer Rejoiced Happily After Giving Birth To A Healthy Baby Boy.

An Instagram Entertainer and survivor of a rare condition named Arteriovenous Malformation[AVM] a disorder of the brain causing abnormal arteries and fistulas ha welcomes a bouncing baby boy.

Due to the joy she encompasses ,she took down to her Instagram page where she announced the good news to her fans an followers,

Not only did she give hope to the hopeless but also sue encouraged other woman who may have been seen themselves in such a situation to have hope and faith.

She said in quote:-See my baby. I know you people will say he looks like the father now. Thank you all for your best wishes and prayers. Start sending your Push gifts oooo. It was not easy abeg.


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