Togo Protest Turn Deadly After Government Crackdown.

Togo protests (DW/N. Tadegnon)

People Killing Them Selves In Togo Over The Change Of President.

Deaths were reported in Togo after security forces moved against protesters across the West African state. Opposition leaders accused “regime soldiers” of opening fire and urged their supporters to continue street demos.

At least two people were killed in weekend clashes between security forces and protesters in Togo, with police firing tear gas and fighting running battles in the capital, Lome, and other cities across the country.In turn, the government said that unidentified gunmen in a black SUV were firing in the area, adding that a search for the vehicle was underway. Another man was found with no bullet wounds, and both the government and the opposition coalition said there were unconfirmed reports of a third fatality.

A dead protester found in Lome had “an open wound in his left eye indicating a bullet entry,” the government said in a statement read on national television. The authorities said the victim was about 17 years old, but other reports suggested he was much younger. The iciLome news outlet said that the youth was a 12-year-old apprentice mechanic and that he was killed by the police.

This misunderstandings resulted to killing which citizens of togo killing them-self.

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