There is a 0.000% chance of me dating Ozo – Nengi


Nengi has opened up about her relationship with Ozo after the Big Brother Naija Lockdown show ended this past weekend.

In an interview with Ebuka after the show, Nengi indicated that there is no chance of her and Ozo dating and she made it clear from the start. Nengi refutes claims that she led Ozo on with her actions.

Nengi also spoke about final party, were Ozo ignored her. Nengi was spotted crying while talking to Laycon after the party.

“It was very obvious that he was ignoring me. I didn’t want to talk about it until Laycon mentioned it and then I started crying. There is a 0.000% chance of being with him.

I was clear with him from day one. I never raised his hopes neither did I lead him on. I told him he had to wait for me to sort out my relationship outside the house before I could consider him.”

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