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Lyrics Of “Skillful” by Squash.

Jamaican born dancehall singer, Squash bounces back with a new single titled ‘Skillful’, which served as a follow-up to his previously released song, “Dem Energy.”

With Production credits from, Attomic Records.


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Lyrics Of “Skillful” by Squash.

Yow Atto
Mhmm yeah
Ah true mi skillfull mek mi deh yah, right now
St. James
I don’t fear my enemies
All I feel is pain and memory
Angie Lane
Sandy Park

Wi ah live some different life, shine bright pon di pussy dem
‘Member all di good and all di tings dem weh wi do fi dem
‘Mount ah strength yeah mi gi’, and dem still wan’ mi fi dead
Yeah, mi ah do dis by miself and mi nuh need nobody else

[Verse 1]
Fi mi life nah over
Drop di Benz, drop di Bentley, drop di Range Rover
31 inna di clip, ready fi bite dem like ah cobra
Never shake one like ah soda
Cah we badder dan dem obeah
Badder dan dem obeah, [?] like mi win di lottery
Care ah start without di battery
Weh wi get it from? Di factory
Have ah pretty gyal gyal, [?]
Dem cyan stop mi like di taxi
Stack di bricks ’em wid di [?]
Den put it inna di basket
Hey, live some different life, shine bright pon di pussy dem
‘Member all di good and all di tings dem weh wi do fi dem
‘Mount ah strength yeah wi gi’, and dem still wan’ wi fi dead
Yow Rygin, do dis by wiself and wi nuh need nobody else

[Verse 2]
Yeah, mi seh mi skillful
Wul [?] and mi mek sure seh fimmi clip full
Any funny move, di zigga nem dem like ah pitbull
Press e trigger cah mi moody
Gi’ dem 6 like ah di loodi



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