Speed Darlington Vows To Beat Any Soldier That Will Harres Him In Nigeria.

I Will Beat Up Any Soldier Who Harasses Me In Nigeria – Speed Darlington.

Singer Speed Darlington is currently in Nigeria and he has just vowed to beast up any soldier that will harasses him in the country for wearing his camouflage outfit.

Report says that ever since the singer arrived in the country after 17 years , he has been complaining about the poor infrastructures,he also expressed his disappointment at the horrible state of the escalators in the Lagos International Airport hotel.

Meanwhile he got angry when he was asked not to wear a camouflaged outfit because the army officers might humiliate him for doing so.

He vowed to beat up any military officer that has the guts to tackle him for wearing the outfit. Speedy revealed that if he is truly humiliated, he would go back to America to expose Nigerians for beating their own citizen.,



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