Singer Simi Reveals “Feminism Makes Many Men Feel So Vulnerable”

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Simi In her Opinion Reveals That Men Have Become Vulnerable Due To Feminism, How True Could This Be.

Simisola “Simi” Ogunleye is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and actress. She started her career as a gospel singer, releasing her debut studio album in 2008, titled Ogaju.

Outspoken entertainer which she could be described as on Monday took to her Twitter page to opine that many men have become vulnerable due to feminism.

She further said,women only want to be men because of the privileges that men enjoy otherwise there is no reason why any woman would want to be a man.

In one of her recent tweets she said:

“Feminism makes many men feel so vulnerable because you find that society that gave you your “superiority card” is starting to know (and want) better for women – and you dunno wtf to do. Lol. Gag is, if you support us, life is better for everyone. Don’t be afraid of Blue heart.”

Further More, she said the fact that women want the same privileges that men enjoy while admitting that the different genders are of equal value.

She tweeted:

“The only reason women have probably ever wanted to be men is – the privileges men have enjoyed. Besides that, why will any woman want to be a man?

“And now we want to share those privileges across genders equally. We’re different with diff strengths/weaknesses, but of equal value.”

Simi cautioned those who are always quick to say feminist are hung up because some feminist are better. She advises that everyone should pay their part as ‘feminism does not alter anyone’s personality.’

She concluded by saying:

“I have a lot of female friends that shy away from feminism because they’re hung up on “some feminists are bitter”. Which one is your own? Do ur part. Feminism doesn’t alter anyone’s personality. But the core of the movement is the same. Don’t let anyone decide your path for you.”

This are many cases the singer has been finding her research on to dealt with for a better understanding to her fans,

In 2019, during an online question and answer session with fans about her personality, she revealed that she believes in love more than she does in religion and music is her everything.

According to her, she is not one to be bullied while stating that she doesn’t know how to hold a grudge either.

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