See the popular Nigerian celebrities who died during and after Surgery (photos)


It is really heartbreaking to lose a loved one to surgery with the hopes of correcting a defect through surgery but the unexpected results show up.

It is always a two-way road when a person undergoes surgery to see positive results. Doctors try to psych the mind of the patient to accept anything that comes their way through surgery including possible death.

The following are some celebrities we have lost through surgery.

1.Geraldine Ekeocha: Geraldine Ekeocha died in the process of operating on a fibroid in September 4, 2011.

#2. Joy Ezenobie: Joy Ezenobie was a Nollywood actress and a video vixen who featured in Davido’s music video Dodo. She died on 14 June 2019 after a surgical procedure to remove her fibroid.

#3. Ebere Larry:  Ebere Larry Ebere better known as cornel was a Nollywood actor who died in the process of having surgery on his head from injuries sustained in an accident.

#4. Onwuzuligbo Nneka Miriam allegedly died from a surgery she was seeking to enhance her butt and hips.


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