Oscar-Winning Actress Jane Arrested Again 24hours Before Her 82nd Birthday.

Actress Jane Fonda arrested 24-hours before her 82nd birthday

Actress Jane Fonda Arrested For A Fifth Time In Washington,D.C On Friday, December 20th.

Actress Jane Fonda arrested for a fifth time in Washington,D.C On Friday, December 20th as part other ongoing climate change march.

Prior to her arrest, she gave a long speech in front of a sign that read,”Happy 82nd birthday
Jane Fonda has been protesting weekly during her fire drill Friday since announcing she was moving to Washington to be closer to the epicenter of the flight for out climate.

Actress Jane Fonda arrested 24-hours before her 82nd birthday

Her participation has ended in multiple arrests. She was arrested alongside several other protesters Friday. Of the 138 arrested, two were kept overnight.  

The group sang ‘Happy birthday’ to Fonda as she was led away in handcuffs. Friday’s march was another celebrity-studded affair. Rosanna Arquette, Gloria Steinem and Casey Willson were arrested at the protest, too.

She was released on Friday night, according to her rep, Ira Arlook



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