Nigerians expose thug who claims to be a prisoner (Watch video)


Everyday, Nigerians are becoming more like undercover agents with their digging and figuring skills. A paid thug/hoodlum has been exposed by Nigerians.

Recall that we reported on how hoodlums set prisoners in Benin City free. After they were set free, one guy who claimed to be a prisoner got exposed by Nigerians after his video went viral. In the video, the alleged prisoner was seen wearing a 2018/2019 Chelsea Jersey and he claimed to have spent 2 years plus in jail.

Nigerians are now wondering how prisoners who were just released from jail could get the latest Chelsea and Arsenal Jerseys. Nigerians have taken to their various Twitter pages to disapprove claims that the released prisoners are actually prisoners, rather they are thugs in disguise.

A prisoner escaped prison says he has been there since 2014 but he’s wearing 2020 Arsenal Jersey; he has time to grant interviews. He has time to wave to fans and he already has a nice haircut. Lmao and this is a “prisoner.” This govt is a circus of clowns,” Dr Funmilayo tweeted. 

Hmmm.. Detained for 2 years plus but you’re wearing a Chelsea Jersey from last season! This prison break is fishy!! #EndSARS – Elvis tweeted. 

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