My Dad and brother were killed by the police- Nollywood Actress Nsikan Isaac


Nsikan Isaac tells us how her father and her brother were killed by the police on different occasions.


Nollywood actress, Nsikan Isaac is one of thousands of youths who went to the streets of Lagos to protest against police brutality during the week.  Nsikan has a valid reason, not only for the #EndSars vibe but for the total reform of the Police Force.

According to her in a post on her Instagram page, she was lending her voice to the struggle because she had faced the pain of losing loved ones to the so-called people who are supposed to protect the people.

Hear her : “22 years ago I lost my dad to a stray bullet from a police officer. 20 years later I lost my elder brother to a gunshot in front of my parents’ house from the police too.”

“I have personally felt the pain. It has been there for many years. It has been a struggle, I have had my silent cries and I have picked myself back up. It took a while but thank God the revolution has begun,” she said.

Nsikan Isaac is the creative director of Leia Cole Studios. An alumni of Atlanta School of Photography. She’s a petroleum engineer, actress and producer. She also has a certificate in the business of Film (The Open University).




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