Mad O!!! Students Sing Obesere’s Egungun Be Careful With Their Teacher In Class In France (Watch Video).



Obesere’s Song “Egungun Be Careful” Has Gone Viral And Reached Students In France.

Abass Akande Obesere, also known as Omo Rapala, is a native of Ibadan, the largest city in Western Nigeria. A popular Fuji musician, Obesere forced his way into the limelight through his “vulgar” songs, which openly touch on issues that are considered taboo in the conservative Yoruba community.

A video which has gone viral on social media shows the moment that some students studying in France were singing Fuji legend Obesere’s age-long song, Egungun Be careful.

The students were watching the video in class with their teacher via YouTube . They could be seen singing and vibing to the song with joy and excitement on their faces.

A Twitter user @GreyHunter who shared the video, revealed that a Nigerian lady, Lade Kale studying in France, introduced her classmates and teacher to the now trending song.

Egungun Be Careful was released 19 years ago by Obesere but in a bid to find videos which will be used to make meme-like jokes, some Nigerians unearthed the video which has now given the Fuji star a new found popularity.

Watch video below:

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