Late Genius Ginimbi Kadungure’s Will Revealed.


Late Ginimbi’s Lawyer Disclosed His Will After His Demise.

Ginimbi demise amazed everyone, reports proved that his accident occurred after his expensive Rolls Royce ran into an Honda Fit.

Ginimbi’s lawyer disclosed that he wanted the following to be done when he is dead, 

According to the lawyer he stated>
The late Ginimbi wrote all his cars be sold and all money recovered from it be sent to charity homes.

He also said all of his expensive clothes and belongings be burnt,

He also stated that his mansion be turned into an hotel after his death so that people can always remember him when they come there.

Amidst all, the family is yet to speak, reports also have it that Ginimbi was yet to sign his will before his untimely demise. However, the content of the draft which was meant to be signed has been revealed.

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