I know you Will Be A Super Star Even Before You Became One”- “Banky W” Tells “Wizkid”.

Bankole Wellington A.K.A Banky W Emphasized More Of Seeing Into The Future.

During a Youth gathering tagged “Monday Night Life held on the 4th of November 2019, Bank W explained why he called Wizkid a Super star when[Wizkid]was just starting from the very beginning before becoming who he his today.

Banky W emphasized more during the event hosted by Nigerian gospel artiste, Tim Godfrey, from his very beginning when he had nothing and was also rejected to becoming a formidable force in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

During his speech, he said;

”When we started EME back then , we were looking for an album title for Wizkid’s first album. I was thinking ‘What do we call it? One day I told my team we are going to call the album ‘Superstar’. My partners asked why? I said to them ,we need to already set the expectation .I called him a superstar ever before he became one .

“This is not about ‘I am a new artiste, this is my first album, it will take me a few years to be a star’. We said that with this album, you are a superstar already. We had to say that so that when people see it, they would know how to respond to what we were trying to do. It sounded funny but it was an act of faith. The secret to achieving any goal is to take a step of faith”

Banky W also narrated the painful or laborious effort he experienced while trying to pursue his dream and love for music.

“We reached out to record labels and didn’t get any feedback so we just kept putting music out independently. I recall that we used to put it on My Space and Hi5 back then. So we just used the tools that were available to us. One day we said to ourselves , If we really believe in this music, let’s stop waiting for someone to discover us, let us take a step of faith.




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