Just In: TVC allegedly on fire


Popular TV statio, identified as Television Continental (TVC) station in Ikosi-Ketu is reportedly on fire, as some hoodlums allegedly attacked the building.

This was disclosed by some residents, who shared videos on social media this morning, October 21.

It appears some security operatives are on the ground to curb the damage, as residents confirmed they heard gunshots.

Before the fire

Meanwhile, Morayo Afolabi Brown, who anchors the program ‘Your View’ on TVC, disclosed during the live show that some people were at the gate of the TV station, trying to force their way into the premises.

This happened shortly before the live program went out of coverage.

Meanwhile, Brown Kabiti, Morayo’s husband, expressed his fears and anxiety on his Facebook page over the incident.

He said, “As I go to watch Your View this morning; I go in tears, fear, and anxiety. God, my household is innocent. Please protect my own.”


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