Don’t compare Fela to cowards who smoke weed but they are Twice As Scared – Dr. Olufunmilayo trashes Burna Boy (See Photos)


Popular Nigerian Influencer, Dr. Harvey Olufunmilayo has discredited Burna Boy in a tweet saying he is not fit to be labeled the new Fela Kuti.

He said this following Sowore’s request that Burna Boy should join in the upcoming protest against President Muhammadu Buhari’s government on the forthcoming independence day celebration since he is compared to the legendary Fela Kuti because of his activist songs.

Dr. Olufunmilayo has reacted wildly to this, saying Fela was not just any singer but an activist who put his words into action. Many were the afflictions he suffered in his fight for human rights and that include a 2-year jail term but did not make him relent on the dream.

He single-handedly created afrobeats and the Kalakuta Republic where he gave free health care for everyone and home for the homeless. His legacy triumphs over the restrictive aspect of life and doesn’t believe Burna Boy can reach that height.

“He did not just sing and smoke weed, he is the greatest,” he added.

See images below:

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