Comedian, Taaooma Marks 21st Birthday With Funny Photos.

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Instagram Comedian, Taaooma Marks 21st Birthday With Funny Photos.

Today, February 28, popular Nigerian female Instagram comedian, APAOKAGI Maryam turned 21.

Maryam better known as Taaooma on Instagram is arguably the best Nigerian social media comedienne after she came into the picture two years ago and slightly overthrew Maraji; another creative Instagram comedian.

In celebration of her big day, Taaooma shared some good, yet funny looking childhood photos of herself and wrote; ” Alhamdulilah for another year, thank you God for adding one more for me. Happy 21st APAOKAGI Maryam!”

See photos below:

Since the post, lots of her fans and followers have been showering her with good will messages via her comment section.

During a recent interview with Pulse, Taaooma recalled how her love for comedy skits all started, “”I never thought of making skits, it was never part of my plans until I met my boyfriend, Abula who is a music video director in Nigeria,” she said.

So, I met and asked him to teach me how to make birthday videos, join pictures together and as a result, I started learning to edit and I started making skits to be able to learn to edit.
“Because I cannot just learn how to edit without clips, that was how I started making skits.”Personally, all I wanted to do was to meet the talented comedian and find out how she became one of the most talked-about Instagram comedians in the country in less than two years. “

Taaooma’s skits on social media, her distinct and creative prowess cant go unnoticed.

Speaking on the slaps from her mother in all her skits which is one of the highpoints in her now-famous videos, the comedian says the reason she includes the slap scenes is because a lot of her fans anticipate those scenes.

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“I exaggerated the slaps for the sake of humour. Not like mum slaps every time like that although she nags and does all those things, I just added the slap as a signature to make the story funnier,” she said.

“I noticed that people like the slap more and when I don’t even add the slaps to the skits, people will be like ‘why didn’t taaoo get slapped, so I decided to add them to all my skits as a signature.

“There are so many things that Taaoo would do that doesn’t warrant a slap but I have to add it to all of them. But that was not the way I was raised, not even close to it.”

Happy birthday from all of us at and we wish you long life and prosperity.

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