Cardi B claps back at body shamers over photoshop claims


is shutting down the body shamers.

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The rapper fired back at her haters after a photo surfaced of her shopping at Target this week, claiming the photo was edited to make her look like a “square.” Taking to Instagram, she also addressed accusations that she was Photoshopping her own pictures.

In a video captioned “Leave my rolls alone,” Cardi showed off her curvy figure while wearing a two-piece Louis Vuitton bikini and carrying a matching tote.

“So now I gotta show y’all this motherfu**ing body,” she said as she strut for the camera on her balcony. “Now I know a bitch gained some weight. I had to make the thighs match the motherfu**ing ass.”

Cardi took aim at her critics for shaming her physique. “I know you bitches ain’t talkin’ when y’all shaped like seals. I know you n**as ain’t talkin’ when you y’all got sisters with bison backs. And y’all mothers is shaped like walruses,” she added.

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Leave my rolls alone

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