Bride Price Should Only Be Paid For Virgins – Reno Omokri Opines


Reno Omokri, a Nigerian law practitioner and author has returned back to social media with another bombshell for his fans to argue about. Reno is known for his advice and comments on issues and personally, for me, he is a great inspiration.

In his recent statement, Reno Omokri opined that the bride price which is normally paid to the family of the bride before taking her home should only be paid for virgins and not non-virgins.

The Amazon best selling author and former spokesman to former President of the Federal Republic, Goodluck Jonathan disclosed this in a post he made on Twitter today, November 7.

Reno Omokri challenged his fans and followers on Twitter to check the bible as he quotes “Exodus 22:16-17”, adding that the verse explains his statement biblically.

He also said that even in normal African tradition, bride prices are only meant to be paid for virgins only.

He wrote: “What I am going to say will shock people. Scripturally, Bride Price is ONLY paid for virgins. Don’t argue with me. Argue with God. See Exodus 22:16-17. By virtue of Scripture (and also in traditional African society), you pay no Bride Price for non-virgins. #RenosNuggets #EndSARS”

Well, to some point I will say he is right but then if virgins are the only ones to take bride price, what will the non-virgins that then….He should come out and tell us

Anyways, see his tweet below:


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