Amos Ekuwa Arrested Arrested For Alleged Murder OF A Dry Cleaner.

Man arrested for beating Ikorodu

Man arrested For Beating Ikorodu “Actor” TO Death.

The Arrest of Amo Ekuma was made by the Lagos state police command,in connection with the murder of a dry-cleaner popularly known as Actor in lagos state , Southwest Nigeria.

A statement released by Bala Elkana, spokesperson of the state police command, said on  Saturday at about 2.00pm, Ekuma of No 59 Ajipon Street, Ohio, Ogun State, submitted himself to the Police in Ikorodu that he was in his shop the previous day at about 7.00pm along Sabo road by Kokoro Abu, Ikorodu, when one dry cleaner beside his shop, popularly known as Actor attacked him with iron rod as a result of an argument that ensued between them earlier in the day that was resolved by neighbours.

Ekuma reportedly pushed the said actor, who fell down and was rushed to Ikorodu General Hospital for treatment but died while on admission.

The suspect is placed in custody for discreet investigation by homicide detectives from the State Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba,” he said.



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