Actress Angelina Discloses Why She Won’t Marry – Actress Angelina Reveals


Nollywood Actress, Angelina Eko Idoko has made known the reason why she might not get married in her life. According to her, she’s afraid to get married and that is a fear she has been battling since childhood.

Before I became part of the entertainment industry, I have always been scared of marriage because my parents didn’t exactly have the best one.

My father was violent and they were always shouting on top of their voices. I grew up wanting to be a single Mum. Somehow, I think all men are the same, I still feel that way. Some people think that I must have been through a lot of heartbreaks, but not at all. I don’t allow men into my life. I’ve had only 2 relationships and I am currently single. I am tough oh. I don’t want to go through what my mum went through in the hands of a man.”


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