19 Cows Dies In Osun State As A Result Of Lighting.

Lightning kills 19 cows in Osun State

November 23rd Saturday, Cattle Rearees Lost 19 Cows In Osun State After Lighting Struck The Area.

This incident occurred at iba, headquarters of lifelong Area Office of osun state.

Adekunle Okunoye traditional ruler of the town, said the affected cows belonged to the Fulani natives living in the town, adding that the deaths was a natural occurrence.

“The people of Iba have over the years been living harmoniously with Fulani natives living in our domain and this will not cause any disaffection.

The death of the cows belonging to the Fulani cattle rearers living among us was a natural occurrence occasioned by thunder that struck in the town,” he said.

“The community with the collaboration of the leadership of the Fulani community are on top of the situation.

The Eburu in Council has directed the owners of the cows to burn them to avoid epidemic in the town. The community is in peace and the people live peacefully with all non-indigenous including the Fulanis,” the monarch added.

The head of the Fulani community in iba Jimoh Bala, said the incident was a natural occurrence and that will not affect the peace of the town, he said he people of the town are accommodating and ruled out the possibility of an attack on their cows by their host community.



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